Knowledge Sharing in Indonesian Context:Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) as Potential Knowledge Hub to Create Value from Academia, Business, and Government Linkage

abg-model-300x223Understanding knowledge sharing processes in a learning organization context is an important issue in the knowledge era, where knowledge has become the main organizational asset for survival. Organizational knowledge will grow and develop if the organization has the ability to learn continuously, regardless of whether it is an Academic, Business or Government (ABG) organization. Our research in this area was triggered by the concept of a ?learning state? in the knowledge era which has been defined as ?a state skilled at creating, acquiring, and sharing knowledge between Academia, Business and Government (ABG)?. To prove this concept, empirical research in 9 Indonesian companies was conducted and enriched with empirical findings from a case study of knowledge sharing activities within faculties of SBM ITB, a business school in a leading Indonesian university. The studies confirmed much of the current KM literature and helped to develop new insights. They were also instrumental in identifying certain contradictions and paradoxes. The conceptual framework which resulted from our research can be used as reference point to answer the following question: ?Can ITB play an important role as a knowledge transformation hub in bridging ABG sectors to create value through knowledge sharing among participating actors?? Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) is Indonesia?s oldest and most renowned technology school. It was here where the idea of creating the so-called ?Bandung High-Tech Valley? was launched decades ago. Despite related implementation challenges, we argue that ITB possesses huge potentials to drive the success of knowledge governance in Indonesia. The paper will also briefly highlight the role of the new Knowledge Management Society Indonesia (KMSI) which is aimed at facilitating the implementation of the above ABG linkages.
Jann Hidajat Tjakraatmadja, Lenny Martini, and Agung Wicaksono
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