Integrating Knowledge Management In Project Management To Improve Project Quality In PT. MSM – By: Regina Leviana & Jann Hidajat Tjakraatmadja

Due to decreasing of property sales in Indonesia in 2015 the competition in the real estate business becomes more intense, so it requires competitive advantage to survive. PT MSM is a property developer in Bandung that has been established since 2008. One of their projects is GSR, the middle-up class real estate in East Bandung. According to the company’s vision that quality assurance is the main objective of project result, but in fact it was found that an increasing number of houses repaired in 2015 until early 2016. Construction is complex industry, which is an information-intensive industry that involves many parties in all stages of the project life cycle. Integration with knowledge management was considered to be the most appropriate solution to capture project based knowledge. Knowledge sharing culture and ICT offer a number of solutions to implement collaborative knowledge management for PT MSM.
In the case of knowledge management, maturity is used to assess how effectively the organization to manage, utilize and develop existing knowledge assets. The purpose of the knowledge management maturity are:

  • Assisting the organization to clearly identify what knowledge needed to support the overall objectives of the organization and individual or team activities.
  • Provide clear evidence which level of knowledge in the organization has been managed effectively and where should be increased
  • Provide the report of knowledge based on the evidence in the organization, and how knowledge flow inside and used by the organization
  • Provide a maturity level of knowledge in the organization and where it should belongs, and also shows the gaps occured.

KM Tools for Project Management Process for PT MSM:

It can be concluded that knowledge management in the company has not fully implemented properly, especially in terms of culture sharing and technology support.

This paper recommends the implementation of KM begins with accustomed to sharing culture. Redesign interior design into open floor plan is an effective ways to knowledge sharing. Company should create new KPI included reward system for knowledge sharing. The second step is the improvement of IT infrastructure that has not been a concern for PT MSM yet. The existing technology applied by PT MSM is only internet speed access. Therefore the next step is setting intranet (LAN system) that can be access easily by all users. This intranet system combines the personal folder with public folder so that it should help user to search and store information data (knowledge). With the proposal of KM implementation above, PT MSM should provide a big investment in knowledge management system, but the result can be perceived in the long term and it gains competitive advantage for the company and sustainable organization.