Knowledge Management Millenial – Smart Millenial

KM Sharing was held in Perum Jamkrindo, Jakarta and was attended by 39 participants from various institutions. The opening was directed by President KMSI, Prof Jann Hidayat. Mr. Jann disclosed seven KMSI’s programs in 2018, those are (1) KMSI member fee, (2) Book writing, (3) Milis usage for spreading information, (5) KM sharing program once in every 2 months, (6) KM Summit program once in every 2 years, (6) KMSI Sertification, and (7) KM Award Indonesia Program. Today event was about Knowledge Management Millenial – Smart Millenial presented by Mr. Alvin Sholeh and Mr. Hanifan Asnil. The first session was 45 minutes shared about millenial generation by Mr. Alvin Sholeh and was alongsided by Mr. Hanifan Asnil optimalization the role of millenial generation’s session. Wrapping up both presentation that basically millenial generation in all age are just same. They were born as digital natives and shaped by technology, therefore they are rapidly change like an army who can’t be deployed too long in one site. Consequently, they are hard to commit to one work as hard as  when they become employee to engage to organization. Employee engagement in millenial generation have to examine two components; maximum satisfaction and maximum contribution. Leader can’t ignore personal purpose in order to prevent millenial from fame seeker instead of purpose seeker framework. In attracting millenial attention, knowledge management plays a role in discharging technology and inovation continuity. Thus, organizations which are willing to change and accelarate their employee in specific skill are one who can survive in life.

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