Visiting from University of Connecticut

Friday, May 18th 2018

SBM-ITB had a visitation from Nairán Ramírez Esparza, Ph.D. Doctor in social psychology. She is an assistant professor at the University of Connecticut. The meeting brought the theme of Bilingual Brain as a Function of Culture and Language: Research & Methodological issue. She presented her dissertation finding entitled “Do bilinguals have two personalities? A special case of cultural frame switching “. As cited from her journal publication,

“Cultural frame switching (CFS) phenomenon reflects the tendency of bicultural individuals (i.e., people who have internalized two cultures, such as bilinguals) to change their interpretations of the world, depending upon their internalized cultures, in response to cues in their environment (e.g., language, cultural icons). The results from the present series of studies suggest that CFS (cultural frame switching) can be primed with something as subtle as the language, and can affect not only their attributions or values, but also their personality (Esparza,, 2006).

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