Roadshow of Personal Knowledge Management CK4BC

IMG_1837Concerning about the importance of Sharing Knowledge in terms of knowledge management and also implementing one of Tridarma, Center of Knowledge for Business Competitiveness (CK4BC) held a community service activities themed “Personal Knowledge Management Workshop” at Widyatama University, Bandung. The workshop held on Monday, 8th of August 2016 was the collaboration between CK4BC and  Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (LP2M), Widyatama University.
Knowledge is a need that must be obtained by individual. When it has been possessed by the individual, it must be properly managed in order to be fully utilized. In fact, there are many people who are not effectively managing the knowledge, in the end,  they were puzzled when their knowledge will be used or applied. In the context of education, students, teachers, students and teachers of course should have a good ability to manage knowledge. Thus, CK4BC conducts the workhop of Personal Knowledge Management to help and share their Knowledge about it.
The enthusiasm of students and lecturers can be seen from their attendance in which more than 70 people consisting of about 50 students of the Faculty of Business and Management and 20 Lecturers from Widyatama attend this event. The purpose of this workshop is to give a brief and clear explanation about the personal knowledge management. Personal knowledge management is associated with how individuals manage personal knowledge, both while they are learning something new and looking for something that is needed. It also helps individuals to develop their knowledge through essential and potential source of information, as well as to improve the effectiveness of personal work.
The team of CK4BC was speakers in the workshop, namely Hary Febriansyah, Dematria Pringgabayu, Dany M. Athory Ramdlany, dan Emilia Fitriana Dewi. They had presented the materials related to personal knowledge management such as presentation skill, effective group discussion skill, reading skill and mind mapping.
The workshop was well apprecited by students and lecturers because the materials of study skills conveyed by speakers from CK4BC is very helpful for them in managing their knowledger better. The students eventually can employ the mind map in organizing their thought into interesting and managable map. The lecturers and staff was reminded how to organize knowledge and why we need to learn managing the knowledge.
Through conducting this workshop, CK4BC is expected to assist in introducing and reminding the personal knowledge management to students and lecturers. The workshop will be a routine agenda for CK4BC and the main target of workshop is universities and college in Bandung