Knowledge Sharing in Small and Medium Enterprises

jurnal-lennyWhen knowledge becomes the substantial capital of organisation, the process of sharing knowledge within and outside the organisation becomes an important point to develop the organisation. Related with knowledge-based economy, the concept of knowledge hub as the meeting point to generate, transfer and share knowledge is proven by several cases in the world (Silicon Valley, Aston Science Park, Bangalore, ABc cluster Germany, Munich-high tech zone, etc.). in the case of small and medium enterprises (SMes), it had not been researched yet about how the knowledge hub should support the process of knowledge sharing, and also how is the existing process knowledge sharing in the SMes. This research aims to explore the pattern of knowledge sharing in SMes, especially the one that incorporated in a knowledge hub, using the Triple helix model. The research provided the empirical findings from the case of creative clothing industry in Bandung, West Java, indonesia. The research clarified the normative aspect of knowledge sharing process in the industry and also discovered the existing condition so that the researcher can suggest some prescriptive points to develop knowledge sharing process in the creative clothing industry. The result will became a useful foundation for the future research of knowledge sharing process in other type of SMes. The research also provided empirical result from creative clothing industry in Bandung, West Java, indonesia, that can be used to improve the knowledge sharing process in the industry thus to increase the level of competitiveness among business entities in indonesia.
A Case Study of Creative Clothing Industry in Bandung, West Java, indonesia
Jann H. Tjakraatmadja, Lenny Martini and Yudo Anggoro
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